Acorn’s Construction Story

Acorn Builders (Pewsey) Ltd was establish in 1999 and provides construction services across central southern England and in parallel with Acorn Construction (Newbury) Ltd has quickly developed a significant client base which includes Developers, Housing Associations, Private Individuals, Companies, Estates, Trusts, Landowners, Educational Bodies and Hotel and Hospitality Operators. We also undertake our own housing development projects.

Acorn Construction (Newbury) Ltd was established in 2003 as a joint enterprise between Acorn Builders (Pewsey) Ltd and Rivar Ltd , a former client of Acorn Builders (Pewsey). The formation of the company built on the growing success and increasing demand for the services provided by the previously established Acorn Builders (Pewsey) Ltd.

The production of high quality work, attention to detail and working closely with the client and their professional team has contributed significantly to the success of the companies. The companies established workforce of direct and sub-contract labour provides the skills to undertake a wide range of schemes.

The provision of a first-class customer service is the aim of the companies.

Acorn’s Capabilities

Recent Projects

Sensitive refurbishment, new build, extension and maintenance projects

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